About INCA


International Corporate Counsels Association (also known as INCA) was established 1988. Original members were spinning out from Keieihoyu-kai (The Association of Corporate Legal Department, the largest corporate legal group in Japan). They were in-house counsels of foreign companies in Japan. Currently, INCA has a lot of in house counsels from Japanese companies.
INCA’s activity is very unique and volunteer based associations. Members of INCA are very proactive, we have monthly seminar in each month, specific study or working groups, invited external expertise regarding particular fields and training camp. INCA shall always improve its capability and is expanding its fields.
Currently, the government organizations acknowledged that INCA as the trusted organization, thus the government bodies contacted INCA and conducted hearing about new legislation.

INCA’s one of the most important policies is “open door policy” you are always welcome to INCA’s study group and working groups. You can establish connections in judicial world in Japan. We hope you can enjoy INCA and learned a lot from members of INCA.

Chairman Tomoyuki Otsuki
Kyndryl Japan KK

Association Profile

Association Name International Corporate Counsels Association (INCA)
Establishment February, 1988
Charter International Corporate Counsels Association (INCA) shall discuss, learn and study international legal cases and develop the corporate counsels knowledge and professional relationship.
Activities ・Planning and holding Seminars concerning legal matters and Corporate Legal
・Planning and holding Workshops concerning Intellectual Property Law, Company Law, Insolvency Law, Labor Law and Cutting-edge Legal Studies
・Reviewing the Bill and Submitting the Public Comment
・Promoting the Communication between the Members
Number of Company Members 89
Number of Directors 18
Address 2F Tamachi-Meiho Building, 2-16-5 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Structure of the Organization

Structure of the Organization